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Windows Web Hosting is recommended to users who have more knowledge about web development. In addition, if you need more powerful database functionality to manage your website, then Windows hosting is definitely for you.

Most web-hosting providers provide Windows Web Hosting packages that provide a reliable and powerful platform for web developers.

Below are Windows development tools that come with Windows Hosting package:

  • MS SQL 2005 – is faster, easily accessible and better security. This tool is necessary for all developers who want to create database driven sites.
  • NET2 – this is the latest version of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. It helps developers to create interactive and dynamic websites.
  • AJAX – this is one of the most popular Windows tools that help pages load more faster and proficiently.

Packages for Windows Web Hosting also feature a Helm control panel. Additionally, the Helm control panel also makes it possible for you to link multiple hosting accounts with just one plan.

Most webmasters ask if Windows is good for hosting websites. If you are choosing Windows Web Hosting for something specific, choosing it will be ideal. Millions of web applications and websites on the internet run on one of the following Open Source technologies:

  • Languages – Ruby or PHP
  • Applications – Drupal and WordPress
  • Frameworks – Django or Rails

Running Website on Windows Web Hosting

You can host your site on Windows. Some web technologies are specially designed for Windows. Silverlight and NET require Windows. Ruby and PHP are designed for Linux but they are also compatible with Windows.

A version of Windows, which is meant to be used in a server environment, is called Windows Server. Windows Server is an operating system belonging to Windows. If you have a Windows machine, you might have Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. All these operating systems are designed for both personal and business use.