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DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS is a circulated database of domain names linked to IP addresses. Every web hosting server has a unique address called “IP address”. IP address stands for “Internet Protocol Address”.

Editing DNS records

Your domain registrar is the one who controls your DNS records. However, if you have changed and point them to your web hosting company, the domain registrar does no longer manage it. Your web host will specify Name Servers for your domain and that’s where you will edit your DNS records if needed. Editing your DNS is very easy and you can do this by going to cPanel and find a link “DNS Records.”

Elements found in the DNS Records

  • Type of a record
  • A – main record which is used to identify the IP address
  • CNAME – is used to map one domain to another
  • MX – this is for Mail exchanger and is used to identify the domain’s mail server
  • Domain name
  • Subdomain
  • Address
  • TTL (Time To Live) – this shows how long the routers and servers keep a website record cache before checking again

You might have come across a DNS server. DNS records and DNS server are two different things. A DNS server is connected to the global DNS network, which stores all the websites’ DNS database.

DNS Records are also found in the WHOIS Records. WHOIS is a public database containing all websites’ contact information. Information such as name of the registrar, hosting provider, IP address, and domain owner can be accessed using WHOIS records. Some web owners prefer to use WHOIS Privacy so that people won’t know who owns the domain name.

WHOIS directory also has the following information about the web owner:

  • Name of the domain owner
  • Contact phone number
  • Physical address
  • Mailing address
  • Email address

As mentioned above, if you do not want people to find out you own the domain name, use WHOIS privacy. You can speak to your web hosting provider and apply for this. Remember, there will be an additional fee on top of your hosting fee.