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A simple web-hosting plan in America includes:

Disk Space

All America web-hostingpackages offer a certain amount of space to store your web pages. It is always important to know the amount of space you will need to store your web files for different responsibilities. How much space you will need for your database, web files, emails, etc. By knowing this kind of information, you will estimate better how much space you should get.


Email Accounts

All web hosting companies in Australia come with email accounts. This is common to all hosting companies in America. We have three types of email accounts that are; Aliases, Forwarding and POP3.

  • Aliases accounts help you when you are using other companies’ services to filter your emails for you. This is similar to Forwarding accounts.
  • Forwarding accounts. This is similar to Aliases. Instead of storing your emails on your mail server, emails are being forwarded to another email address.
  • POP3 accounts typical inbox messages. The email space on your server is at disposal and you can setup the email to download your emails.

Example of web hosting company packages


Free Web Hosting Starter Hosting Personal Hosting
$0.00/month $6.00/month $10/month
Ads on your site No Ads on your site No Ads on your site
50 MB disk space 1 GB disk space 6 GB disk space
  FTP for fast and easy file upload CGI access: PHP, FTP, Perl, MySQL
    WordPress 2 blog


FTP Access

After you have created your web pages on your computer, you need to transfer those files to your web server. The files are transferred to the server by use of FTP.