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SSL Certificates are necessary to have them installed on your domain. They help protect your website, client’s personal information and boost your credibility. People are more likely to trust your site if you have the SSL Certificate. However, not all sites need to have it. However, this is essential for e-commerce transactions that require you to comply with the PCI DSS standards. You will be a half way to meeting these standards if your site has the SSL Certificate.

For some people who have websites for occasional needs, there are web hosting companies that offer a shared SSL Certificate. This is available on Windows Web Hosting packages.

If your website is all about e-commerce, you must get a Dedicated SSL Certificate. It offers 2048 bit encryption which is compatible with web browsers such as Fire Fox, Opera Mini, Internet Explore and Google Chrome which have a high level of warranty support.

Other security precautions you need to check on your website:

  • Don’t use the same password for everything
  • Make sure you use a strong password for your email accounts, FTP, hosting account and other accounts related to your site
  • Back up your website files regularly
  • Get an SSL Certificate which will enable HTTPS on your website
  • Do not store your password in just any document
  • Utilise a DN that offers DDOS protection
  • Restrict FTP and SSH access to your IP address
  • Update all your plugins and software when there are new updates

Tips for securing WordPresssince it’s the most common used CMS (Content Management System):

  • Do not give everyone your login details. Make sure logins are limited to your team only
  • Use Open Source Software
  • Buy an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate FAQs

  1. What does an SSL Certificate do?

It protects your website and also certifies the identity of the Public Key. Most e-commerce websites use this to protect customer information. Any website that requires people to provide their bank or credit card details need to have a secured connection.

  1. How do I get an SSL Certificate?

Most web hosting providers have partnered with SSL Certificates companies making it easier for you to get it when you upgrade your account. However, you can also buy it directly from an SSL Certificate provider.

  1. Can I use an SSL Certificate on a Shared Hosting plan?

Of course yes but you will need to have a Dedicated IP address to make sure that your website data is safe.

  1. What is HTTPS?

Secure HTTP is called HTTPS. This is the procedure when exchanging information with the site over an SSL Certificate.